Bayoh Group

About Bayoh Group

Bayoh Group is a prominent Ivorian conglomerate that was established in 2023 in the South Comoé region of Côte d’Ivoire. The company is headquartered in the city known for its abundance of pineapples.

Cooperative Branch and Specialization

One of the key divisions of Bayoh Group is its cooperative branch, which specializes in the supply, production, transport, and marketing of agricultural and derived products. With a strong focus on the agricultural sector, the cooperative branch aims to contribute significantly to the revitalization and modernization of the industry.

Driving the Future

Bayoh Group aspires to be the driving force behind the future of the agricultural sector. The company’s main objective is to fully harness the potential of the industry through extensive research and development initiatives. By staying at the forefront of innovation and adopting modern practices, Bayoh Group aims to lead the way in transforming the agricultural landscape.

Through its cooperative branch, the conglomerate strives to create opportunities for farmers, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable practices. By actively engaging with local communities and stakeholders, Bayoh Group aims to foster a thriving agricultural ecosystem that benefits all involved.

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